CIMS: Community Infrastructure Mapping System

A product of the Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency

About CIMS

The Community Infrastructure Mapping System (CIMS) combines Google's mapping library and infrastructure with a comprehensive database of different kinds of community infrastructure.

CIMS also features several layer specific tools. When activating any of the Heritage Layers users have access to two unique features, a travel time search and a topic based search. Activating the Health Centre layer makes the Health Care search tool available. These feature specific tools are one way in which we want CIMS to be of mutual benefit to both the developers of the site and the sources of the information, and providing more features to the users of the site as well.

Custom versions of CIMS are available

The Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency is able to develop custom versions of CIMS with specific layers and customized tools to embed within your departmental/organizational website. See below the examples of Heritage and Early Childhood Programs and Services.

Contact us to discuss development of your custom version of CIMS to display on your website.

Partner Projects

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    The Heritage Infrastructure Mapping System

    Involved adding 4 layers, custom querying tools, and Youtube demos.


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    Early Childhood Programs and Services

    Involved adding 1 layer and building a version of the map to be embedded in the client site.


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    Women's Policy Office

    Involved adding overlays and administrative layers into the main CIMS site.

    Incorporated in Site

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